Our projects

Vehicle bridge

Civil work enabled by reinforcing steel. Foundation and concrete to receive a vehicular structural bridge from a light heavy structure.

AIQ exit and platform enlargement

Civil work, diggings, preliminaries, limestone filling, concrete columns with fc=350 resistance. Rubber girders, foundation, steel slab, metallic structure, fireproof paint, facade aluminum works, panes of glass, Alucobond (aluminum panels), civil work, emergency plants, wiring, electrical power transformers.

Vive: Centro Cultural Oriente

First stage of the east cultural center, demolishing, dismantling of metallic structures and foundation works. Concrete, floors, Duroc walls.

Supply, manufacturing and assembly of metallic structures, tempered glass installation, aluminum work, electric work, computing equipment with voice and database.

Nave San José

Supply and manufacturing of 1200 tons. of metallic structure for San José ranch.

Manufacture and Assembly of a Structure

Supply, manufacture and assembly of a metallic structure, height up to 30 meters for CAP/LAP buildings.

Industrial workshop

Suministro, fabricacion y montaje de 465 toneladas de estructura para ampliacion de anden del AIQ.

Industrial workshop

1 M2


1 M2


1 M2


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